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Friday, August 12, 2005

From Hyderbad to Delhi and further

We got to Delhi after a very emotional goodbye to everyone in Hderabad. On the Friday night we went out to dinner with all the expats, which was good fun and because Jasmine and Dylan fell asleep even got to talk to some adults.
We had packed up on Saturday and then got ready to. All the staff from the apartments came to say goodbye. It was really sad because they all said they wish we could stay longer, we being JAsmine and Dylan, everyone really seemed to enjoy having them around. JAsmine was upset and cried for an hour aftyer we left. We went to our favourite restuarant and had something to eat befor embarking on our journey to Delhi.
Flying and traveling in India is soemthing else though and we are not travelling first class. The ariplane had vegan food and chilkdrens food for JAsmine and Dylan. They also got an activity pack. No alcohol though. Delhi is eaxactly as you would imagine dirty and crowded. But a real buzz about it. There are cows, horse goats wlaking around the place. So you have to negotiate your way through cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws and cars buses horse and cart, cylcists and not to mention other pedestrians.
Jasmine is having a whole new toilet experience. She had just gotten used to the Indian toilet, squat, when she was introduced to the alley toilet. We were in a restuarant and asked were the toilet was so they sent us up a very smelly alleyway. That was the toilet, we gave it a miss.
Both Jasmine and Dylan are getting alot of attention and JAsmine has decided she does not want to be famous as she is fed up having to pose for photos with people. Dylan has got to the stage were he sees a camera and runs the other way, even when it is Des and me taking it. MInd you he runs a mile when we are around anyway.
We got to stay in a real palace in JAipur, which was really beatuiful. This cost us a whopping 14 euro per night. It was so expensive beacuase we wanted a fan in the room. Dylan had a fever so I had to stay in with him one day, which was not too bad because the gardens were huge and they had deck chairs to relax on.
We took a train to JAipur which gives you tea on arrival, newspaperes after leaving the station, breakfast after hour and half and then some juice after 3 hours. The seats recline and aprat from the screeching transvetites on the carriage it was peaceful. Seriuosly they kept grabbing Dylan, they may have looked like women but they still had the strength of a man, and trying to pinch his cheeks. They could also fart for India and my god is this a big country.Jaipur is a beautiful city and great fun if you enjoy bartering for verything including the use of the toilet, local bus service etc. There are elephants wandering around the street. We were in a cycle rickshaw and one came lumbering up behind us at the traffic lights. Even though they move quite slowly, I didi not think it was going to be able to stop and then its trunk kept wavig around at the back of our heads.
We are currently in Agra, home of the TAj Mahal. Hssle city, I have never been anywhere were shopkeepers barter amongst themselves and reduce their prices to get your custom. I was only buying a bottle of water, but after through no doing of my own he reduced the price by 5 rupees i felt obliged to buy 2.
The TAj Mahal is everything and more that you would imagine, but it is very hot here. AGra itself is famous for purposely poisoning tourists and the restarants and doctors involved still operate. We went to one restuarant today, we are not sure if they were doing this but it made you not want to eat much and nervous about the food. We all feel fine, except for Dylan who syas he has a sore stomach, he did not eat there as he was asleep. It is probably the 6 bananas and half a pomegranate hed had this morning.
I probably seemd a bit obsesses about the toilet situation but, they even use dried horse dung to light their stove for cooking food on. I am going to tkae a picture of it.
Anyway on that note I am going to go. We are catching a train tonight to a plca called Varanasi, it is on the banks of the GAnges before heading to Nepal. We have beds on the train so this should be fun.


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