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Monday, July 25, 2005

Life in Hyderabad

We have settled into a routine of a what may be interpreted as a normal life. The morning time after breakfast we tidy a little and then go to the pool or if we have any jobs to do then do them. We have tended to lunch at the apartment and then go to the playground and pool in the afternoon. We have seen most of the sights in Hyderabad except for Charminar and the bazaars that is for Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Dylans birthday and we are having a party for im. Des has invited all the staff and drivers and ex pats. Jasmine is more excited at the prospect of the party than Dylan. We plan to just go for lunch then her can play with his toys in the afternoon.

Jasmine has just experienced swimming in the monsoon. I thought the classes would be cancelled, but no and so she went today. She is doing really well and should be swimming on her own by the end of he week.

I am still looking into some yoga classes for this week and next, I just need to ring a lady about them.


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